Welcome! If you are new to our Web site or to ValuesQuest, Inc., please allow us to take a few moments to tell you about us and what we mean by a “values quest.” 

When you use the term “values” in the financial sense, it is easy to do a mental default and end up in the world of value investing (for example, low P/E stocks, etc.). But that is not who we are or what we mean by “values.” 
When we speak of values, we are talking about your personal values. What are the core beliefs that have made you who you are today? The answer could be very esoteric; maybe a little of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs mixed in with all of those great classic discussions from Philosophy 101, or it could be as simple as asking, “What is important about money to you?” 

As a firm that offers financial planning services, our primary goal is to create and foster a relationship with you that will allow you to define your core values and then translate those values into a meaningful life legacy that includes your assets. To determine your values, first start by looking at your calendar to see where you spend the majority of your time. Second, review your bank and credit card statements to see where you spend the bulk of your money. We can talk with you at length about what you think your values are, but the truth about your core values lies in what you do with your time and your money.

The next step we would take is to measure the gap between “what we say” and “what we do.” Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” From that defined point, we take action.

Our values are simple—we want to be happy, and we want our clients to be happy. To us, happiness means leading your life with a purpose. We enjoy what we do. We love our clients. We care about them. We believe that we know them well and what is important to them. Should you be a client?

Peter A. Liefer
President, ValuesQuest, Inc.